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Vecka 2-3 år 2019

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Nu är det 2019 och Poplistan går in på sitt tionde år. Jubileum i september. Jag vill tacka alla jurymedlemmar som bidrar till att jag kan jobba med bloggen med extra stor glädje.  TACK!

Här kommer tio första sångerna för 2019. Dessa kommer förstås fortfarande från 2018, eftersom det inte har kommit ut så mycket nytt ännu. Hela fem kvinnliga artister!

1 Robyn (SWE) Robyn presents her first solo album in eight years subtly, with slight builds and light hands. But her masterful command of emotions on the dancefloor slowly reveals itself across another enthralling record. Her work urges on our braver selves. Without sermonizing, she shows us the dignity in our sorrow—throwing her heartbreak onto the dance floor, gulping in its neon glow like photosynthesis. Through her music, we discover our loneliest moments are no longer just valleys to suffer and endure: They are deeper, even beautiful, glimpses into our humanity. It seems possible that these moments are essential turns in our own journey, and that we are indestructible in them after all. Pitchfork

2 Rosali (US) Philadelphia singer-songwriter Rosali Middleman constructs verdant, contemplative rock songs whose soft exteriors conceal a steely core of cool observations about heartache and vulnerability. The central theme of Trouble Anyway is right there in the title: Middleman touches on trouble with love, with life, with figuring your way through the world. But she manages all of it with a sense of calm that ripples across the record, keeping her tone cool and even-keeled for the duration. Pitchfork

3 Amy Rigby (US) The American poet Walt Whitman simply proclaimed the true spirit of democracy when he wrote, “I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars” and “the narrowest hinge of my hand puts to scorn all machinery.”
And the music of Amy Rigby, just like the songs of Alejandro Escovedo, celebrates the sad profundity and the equally profound joy of all the stuff that is viewed from any windshield on any street in any town in America in both the dampest rain and brightest sunshine.
Amy Rigby has the voice of a clever waitress who punctuates life with personality in a local café burdened by all the chain fast food restaurants who never pay a living wage. Her music embraces folk, rock, pop, and psych. Soundlab

4 Willard Grant Conspiracy (US) Posthumous albums are tricky affairs to say the very least, varying wildly from the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Jeff Buckley’s Sketches by my Sweetheart the Drunk and Closerby Joy Division are exceptions rather than the rule.
This this very late 2018 release will be the 11th and final William Grant Conspiracy (WGC) following the untimely death at 59 of Robert Fisher, the band’s founding member and front man, in February, 2017, following a battle with cancer.  Fisher anchored the cult Americana band since 1995, producing a fine back catalogue of minimal alt-country.
Untethered is a surprisingly cohesive and complete collection, which Fisher more or less completed before his death. Turns is a terrific and typical WGC song, and the album is predominantly in this soft and soothing vein, which makes it all the more poignant and sad a listen. Irish Times

5 The 1975 (UK) are an English pop rock band from Manchester,[2] consisting of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Matthew "Matty" Healy. Their choice of name was inspired by a Jack Kerouac beat poetry book. Healy specifically cites Talking HeadsMy Bloody Valentine, and Michael Jackson as musical influences;A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships is their third studio album. the album received critical acclaim, with some critics comparing the album to Radiohead's OK Computer,[8][9][10] and debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart. The band will embark on a world tour starting in January 2019.   Wiki

6 Dot Dash (US) is a Washington D.C.-based trio. The 12 track album Proto Retro sees Dot Dash taking a poppier, janglier direction but one that retains the punky, garagey energy that has marked the band’s previous releases.

7 Lykke Li (SWE) So sad so sexy demonstrates Lykke Li’s refined prowess for communicating romantic turmoil, and the synth-heavy instrumentation of the record gives the indie-pop artist a new musical space within which to operate. Li understands how to use this electronic ambiance to her advantage, as the album is full of memorable hooks and sleek production. Although the trap-influenced style wears thin at times, so sad so sexy is a superb reinvention of Lykke Li.   COS

8 Neko Case (US) Case returns with Hell-On, her most collaborative release to date, featuring pop producer Björn Yttling (of Peter, Bjorn and John), gruff-voiced alt-rock veterans Mark Lanegan and Eric Bachmann, and bandmates from the New Pornographers and case/lang/veirs (k.d. Lang and Laura Veirs). The added company is felt throughout: No other album in her catalog is so musically rich and orchestrated. Pitchfork

9 David Myhr (US) It's been a long six years since former Merrymakers man David Myhr put out his excellent debut album "Soundshine" back in 2012. Recorded in Stockholm and Nashville "Lucky Day" is a wondrous marriage between Power Pop and Country with hints of Americana. Add to the mix the fab vocals (lead and backing) on hand coupled with such strong melodies and you have "The Perfect Place" (a pop masterpiece if ever there were one replete with a classy ELOesque string arrangement)   ELOBeatlesforever

10 LOW (US) The austere trio has profoundly warped their slowcore sound to create an ambitious, modern wonder of an album, an exploration of the song as an imperfect conduit of feeling. This record would knock listeners on their asses coming from any band at any time, but it is extraordinary that Low is doing such challenging, relevant work 25 years into their career. There’s a sort of strobe effect on “Dancing and Blood,” as though Parker’s vocal is playing off a cassette that warped after being left on a car’s dashboard in the summertime. Anxiety—from getting lost in all the noise, of not being heard, of even perhaps adding to that noise—runs rampant on Double Negative, which works just as well as music as it does conceptual art: Pitchfork

Ni har två veckor på er att lyssna på de tio sångerna och behöver lämna era röster söndag 20 januari.
OBS! Nu går vi tillbaka till de vanliga poängen, dvs 1-6 poäng på varje låt. Här är länken

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Robyn inleder den nya listan

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  1. Jämnbra lista. Det blev Lykke Li och Willard Grant Conspiracy som fick de högsta poängen.

    1 Robyn 3p Helt OK. Robyn sjunger ju strålande som vanligt, men har ledsnat lite på låten.

    2 Rosalie 4p Som balsam för själen att höra Rosalie sjunga. Lite Nico-Velvetkänsla.

    3 Amy Rigby 4p Började lika lugnt som Rosalie, men med en härlig rockig refräng

    4 Willard Grant Conspiracy 5p Sorgligt att detta blev Robert Fishers album. Här fanns mer att hämta. Skulle passa som en filmlåt. Lite sen Johnny Cash över detta.

    5 The 1975 4p Mycket hypat band och som redan toppat listorna i UK. Dystopisk låt Helt OK, men jag hoppar inte jämfota av glädje, men de är värda att följa framöver.

    6 Dot Dash 4p Proto Retro heter albumet och visst; här finns både Byrds och Flamin Grooves.

    7 Lykke Li 5p Jag har alltid varit svag för Lykke Li och denna låt gör mig inte besviken. Lite annorlunda sound med mer synthar och lite anbient men det funkar riktigt bra.

    8 Neko Case 4p Fin låt av Neko med hjälp av ett favoritband; The New Pornographers.

    9 David Myhr 4p Klassisk powerpop med ELO-arrangemang.

    10 Low 4p Viken kontrast mot ”snällpopen” från David Myhr. Har alltid gillat Low. ”Nya” Low testar verkligen gränser. Det beror på viket humör jag är på om jag gillar det eller inte. Detta bir ett tråkigt ”sådär”-betyg. Intressant video med den gamle mannen som poledansar.

  2. 1. Robyn – 2p
    2. Rosali – 3p
    3. Amy Rigby – 3p
    4. Willard Grant Conspiracy – 3p
    5. The 1975 – 2p
    6. Dot Dash -2p
    7. Lykke Li – 2p
    8. Neko Case – 3p
    9. David Myhr – 5p
    10. LOW – 4p