torsdag 11 oktober 2018

DIALS-festivalen i Portsmouth, del 4 - Hotel Lux

Hotel Lux är ett mycket spännande band, ursprungligen från Portsmouth.
Jag citerar från NME:
"Emerging from the same South London circuit that has birthed faves like Shame and Goat Girl, the Portsmouth-raised quintet have been championed for their “pub rock” sound, gritty realness and deliciously dark lyrics. Portsmouth-raised and now based in London, who could become the next in a long line of indie bands making waves everywhere. WonderlandMagazine
“Hotel Lux was a hotel in Moscow where communists were exiled to,” he says. “It’s where a lot of them ended up being killed during Stalin’s purges, taken from Hotel Lux. It was essentially meant to be a safe house, but it didn’t end up being very safe I guess.” 

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