tisdag 26 januari 2016

Intervju med PUMAROSA

Pumarosa består av Isabel Munoz-Newsome Henry Brown Tomoya Suzuki Neville James Nicholas Owen

Jag har varit i kontakt med bandet Pumarosa, som vann förra Poplistan
med den fina Priestess
På Facebook svarade någon i bandet (vet inte vem) när jag berättade
om att deras låt vann senaste Poplista och att jag ville ha lite mer info om 
bandet och om vinnarlåten Priestess.

Hi,that's great! Yes sure. Can I send it tomorrow? We r just in rehearsal now

Idag fick jag reda på att bandet är inne i en intensiv period med att spela
och öva in nya låtar. Därför fick jag info från bandets skivbolagsledning:

Quick background…

In the summer of 2015, the band was offered a residency in the 
cavernous disused cinema of an Italian surrealist, situated within
the cliffs of Calabria.  Scraping together  a van and driving non-stop
to Italy, the band worked on new material in beguiling forty 
degree heat, developing further their expansive sound.  It was also
in Italy that they settled on the name PUMAROSA: in part reflecting
Isabel’s Chilean roots, but also the lurid-looking jungle fruit of the same name.

Priestess is about Isabel’s sister, Fernanda. 
Isabel gave a quick quote a few months back which is below. "She is a
dancer and  we have gone out into the night dancing since we were 14. 
Now she is a professional contemporary choreographer and life can be
hard—surviving in London, keeping the flame burning. But she does, 
and when I see her move it is the most beautiful thing...I think dancing is
a powerful thing for anybody to do. 
It's not earning anyone money, you can do it anywhere, it can feel so good. 
It can be a protest, it can be a celebration, you can lose yourself.” 

Här nedan syns den äkta Priestess, dvs Isabels syster Fernanda 

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